1- Registrations will be made by the Students Affairs Directorate’s Office.
2- The registrations are made between the dates specified in the following registration calendar. Those who do not register between these dates lose their rights.
3- The candidates gain right to be a student with the completion of registration procedures and are subject to the provisions applied to other students of the university provided that they do not contradict with the provisions of the directive.

Documents required for the Registration

The following documents must be submitted for the registration of the candidate whose application has been accepted.

a) Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate
b) High school diploma: The original diploma and the its translation approved by the Turkish Representation,
c) Diploma Equivalency Certificate: The original Certificate of Equivalence which certifies that candidate’s high school diploma is equivalent. It will be received from the Turkish Representation or from the Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education.
d) The original transcript and the its translation approved by the Turkish Representation,
e)Photocopy of the passport and the original passport (to be returned after being examined)
f) A bank receipt showing that the tuition fee has been paid; tuition fee is given below.
g) A bank receipt showing that the deposit is tied up; the amount of the deposit is given below.
h) The residence permit for educational purposes (It must be submitted to the relevant academic unit within a month at the latest after the registration.)
i) 4 (four) passport photos.

Procedures for those who do not have a Turkish Proficiency Certificate

Those who do not hold a Turkish Proficiency Certificate must take the Turkish Language Proficiency Exam to be held by the university. Those who achieve C1 / C2 level in this exam will be enrolled in the 1st grade. Those not holding this certificate attend the Turkish language courses
at Bartın University Language Education and Research Center (BUDEM) till they reach C1 level of proficiency (their education may last less than 1 academic year depending on their achievement). Those who do not achieve C1 at least within a year will be dismissed from the program.

Registration Calendar
Bartın University 2019-2020 Academic Year International Students Admission Dates

31 May – 21 June 2019
Applications of international students

24 – 27 June 2019
Evaluation of applications

28 June 2019
Announcements of candidates to be registered

22 – 26 July 2019
Registrations of international students

01 – 21 August 2019
Additional applications of international students

22 – 23 August 2019
Evaluation of applications

26 August 2019
Announcements of candidates to be registered

9 – 13 September 2019
Additional registrations of international students

16 – 17 September 2019
Turkish Language Proficiency Exam

18 September 2019
International Students Orientation Program (Compulsory)

Note 1: The calendar above may differ for the departments of the Faculty of Sports Sciences and Art Teaching at the Faculty of Education, which admit students with special talent exams.

Note 2: The students choosing the departments in Note 1 should follow the instructions announced in the relevant department’s website. For detailed information please call us on +90 378 501 10 00 (extension: 5604, 2267 for the Faculty of Sports Sciences / extension: 1164, 1170, 1128 for the Art Teaching Department).

Note 3: Turkish Language Proficiency Exam is to be held by Bartın University Language Education Center / BÜ-DEM (in the Faculty of Forestry Building) on Ağdacı Campus. The first day exam session starts at 10.00 a.m. on 16 September 2019.