From Bartın Provincial Immigration Office

Procedures to be followed by the Associate Degree – Bachelor’s Degree – Master’s Degree or Doctor’s Degree Students during the entry of our country:                 
For students, who come to our country for education and have the right to enroll but are directed to Turkish language learning courses by the university because of the inadequacy of the Turkish language, a “Student Residence Permit” will be issued until the beginning of the next academic year on condition that they document their circumstances. Foreign students, who have applied to universities within the country or from abroad and gained the right to receive education, will receive an invitation letter. When foreign students apply for entry to our country, they present the invitation letter sent to them and their passports, which cover the duration of their stay, to our consulate and border gate officers.

After entering the country foreign students apply to the university, at which they are entitled to receive education and make their first registration. Before the expiration date of the visa exemption foreign students apply to the Provincial Directorates of Immigration Administration with the registration documents given to them and their student certificate with new date and photo in order to obtain a “Student Residence Permit”. At the Provincial Directorates of Immigration Administration foreign students will be interviewed. Documents and information requested from them will be explained to foreigners and they will receive help to apply.

The documents required from foreign students during the first application are as follows:
Residence Permit Application Form (Please click on the e-residence button on <atarget="_blank" href="" class="external"> than click on first application and choose the student residence permit.) Please fill out the personal information completely in the resulting form and take a printout with picture. In addition to the form printed out foreign students have to follow the procedures stated below:

  • A photocopy of the passport with validity or the entry document is required. Foreigners are required to present the original passport, with which they have entered Turkey, to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration.
  • Four (4) biometric photos (from the front, face open, it must be easy to recognize the foreigner) taken in the last 6 months with white background colour are required.
  • A document, which indicates that the foreigner has sufficient and regular financial means during the time he will spend in Turkey, is also required. (Bankbook, currency receipt, salary or scholarship information etc.) Foreign students must necessarily present the student certificate, which they received from the university, to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration during their application. (It is a must that foreign students present the student certificate for the new registration period.)
  • If the foreigner, who will receive education, is younger that eighteen years of age, he or she can be allowed to enter Turkey and receive education with a consent letter given by his or her mother / father or legal representative abroad.
  • Foreign students must submit a criminal record certificate to be received from the courthouse in the province, where they will receive education, on the application date.

Foreigners are obliged to reside in the province of the university, where they have been registered. Therefore, they must submit documents, which indicate the place, where they will stay such as  dormitories, hostels, hotels, motels or (residence) house (registration document, contract etc.) to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration during their application. 
Besides, it is compulsory for the foreigner to have a valid Health Insurance covering the duration of his / her stay in Turkey. One of the following Health Insurances will be sufficient:

  • General Health Insurance: Foreign students can apply to the Provincial Social Security Institution and have General Health Insurance within 3 months after their first registration to the university. It is compulsory for the applicant to submit the provision document or the application document to the administration during the application.
  • Insurance valid within the scope of Bilateral Social Security Contract: Foreigners must submit a universally valid insurance certificate, which they received from their own country, is within the scope of Bilateral Social Security Contracts and indicate that they can benefit from health services during their stay in Turkey. (This document is only valid, if it is translated into Turkish by a sworn translator and become accredited in conracted branches of the insurance companies in Turkey.
  • Private Health Insurance: It is obligatory to have a private health insurance for foreigners. In accordance with the Circular of the Undersecretariat of Treasury the expression ”This insurance policy herein covers the minimum deposit structure determined in the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be Issued on the Demand for Residence Permit dated 06.06.2014 and numbered 9.” must be included on these insurance policies, and “Applicable for ambulatory and inpatient treatment” must be written on these insurance policies by an insurance agent working in the province of the university, where the foreigner is registered.

Besides, foreign students must renew their student certificates and insurances in every fall semester and submit these documents to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration    Administration. Foreigners must report their new address to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration within 20 days, when they change their address in the province. Otherwise, the residence permit of the foreigners, who gave incomplete or false information, will be canceled by the Provincial Directorate of the Immigration Administration, and the foreigner will be removed from Turkey.


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