Evaluation of Applications

  • The candidates are ranked with their YOS exam results from the highest scores up to 70 at least. If the quota is not filled, another ranking is made according to the high school achievement score from the highest one to 65 at least. If the quotas are still available, the students holding a Foreign Student Exam Result (up to 40 at least) will be admitted.

  • In the evaluation of the applications, other grades are converted based on the system of 100 of the Council of Higher Education.

  • Candidates are allowed to apply to up to 5 programs, but admitted for only one program.

  • The evaluation of the applications for a program admitting candidates with a special talent exam is made according to the provisions which regulate the special talent exam.

  • The number of admitted candidates from the same country cannot be more than 30 % of the quota of the relevant program. However, if the quota is not filled, the country quota is not applied.

  • The committee announces the students in accordance with the quotas and may also announce the reserve lists of candidates.

  • The approvals and rejections of applications are carried out by the Student Affairs Directorate and the final evaluation of applications are made by the committee.

  • Applications of the candidates who do not meet the conditions will not be evaluated. Having the application conditions does not mean that the candidate has been placed.