International Student 2nd Application Results for 2022-2023 Academic Year

The placement results of admitted international student candidates who applied to our programs between 23 May – 12 June 2022 have been announced. Please read the details below carefully.

The list of registered students below is for informational purposes only and does not replace an official document. Acceptance letters are required for submission to the visa application.

ISO WhatsApp for more details: +90 378 223 50 83 

In cases where there is no Apostille or Apostille among the registration documents, a document proving that one is entitled to receive a diploma/diploma approved by the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy is required. Please click on the box named REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS below to get detailed information.


To the candidates' e-mail addresses declared on the application were sent the name of programs they are admitted to and their student numbers. For the invitation (acceptance) letter, candidates must first pay online their department fee between June 22 and July 17, 2022 at by entering their student numbers. The invitation (acceptance) letters of the candidates will be visible after they make their payments with their student number and can be downloaded from the application results screen (on the page they applied). To pay online, you can go to the relevant page from the button below. Deposit fee will be paid online on the registration at Bartın University.


Candidates who receive their invitation letters by downloading through the application page after making the online payment must submit the originals of their documents to the International Student Coordinator at the Yahya Kemal Classrooms Building on the Ağdacı Campus between 05 - 23 September 2022 in order to complete their final registration. Students who do not have a Turkish Proficiency Certificate should contact and register at in order to receive Language Education at Bartın University.

Our university is not responsible for the situation of students who lose their rights due to missing or incorrect documents or misrepresentation at the application stage.

International Student Participant Form

In order to learn whether the candidates will participate in the Turkish Language Proficiency Exam and in order to obtain detailed information about the registration status of the students, all our candidate students in the lists must fill out the short form (International Student Participant Form) shared at the link below, by May 20, 2022 at the latest.

Turkish Language Proficiency Exam (TDYS)

Students who do not have a C1 level Turkish Proficiency Certificate obtained as a result of the Turkish Proficiency Exam conducted by the universities in Turkey or by Yunus Emre Institute, must definitely register with the Bartın University Language Education Application and Research Center. Students who do not have a Turkish Proficiency Certificate should contact and register at in order to receive Language Education at Bartın University.

An optional Turkish Proficiency Exam will be held by the Bartın University Language Education Application and Research Center TÖMER for students who have registered but do not have a Turkish Proficiency Certificate.

Exam Date: September 24, 2022

For detailed information, they should come to TÖMER language center in person or contact +90 378 223 5049 through WhatsApp or e-mail address.

For details:

To the Attention of candidates to enroll in Shipbuilding, Marine and Yacht Management & Maritime and Port Management
During their enrollment, these candidates shall ensure to:

a. meet the legal conditions regarding the acceptance and health conditions for the Registration of Seafarers and Maritime Pilots Regulation and Shipmen and Pilots Training and Examination Directive in Educational Institutions
b. provide the following documents according to the procedures and principles determined in the Seafarers Health Directive published by the General Directorate of Border and Coasts Health: "Health Report to confirm Shipman conditions" to be approved  by the Health Inspection Center and a Seafarer Health Inspection Certificate.

In addition to the documents required for registration, you must obtain the documents above from a Fully Equipped State Hospital or Private Hospitals.


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